With decades of collective experience, our experts have conducted surveys across many disciplines with a combination of sampling techniques, mixed-mode and technology-enhanced research methodologies, and local-language interviewing.

When seeking New Knowledge and strategic intelligence on the attitudes and awareness of constituents or customers, effective multi-modal data collection is essential. Metrix Matrix provides the right information-gathering methods for each survey research project.

Our proven survey approach includes modes such as:

  • Cell phone surveys
  • Dual-frame (cell and landline) surveys
  • Web interactive interviews
  • Focus Groups
  • Mail and dual-mode surveys

Metrix Matrix statisticians and researchers develop sample design to meet research objectives and design qualitative and quantitative survey instruments and data collection protocols using approaches consistent with best practices and new findings.

Our experience includes data collection on sensitive topics and survey research projects ranging in scope from looking at a sample of a few dozen to executing more than 100,000 interviews. Our data collection personnel are trained to work with difficult-to-reach populations and conduct specialized research.

Our Metrix Matrix survey and data collection professionals provide objectivity and a deep understanding of survey research programs and best practices. We partner with clients to maintain strict security and adhere to all relevant privacy legislation.