The Patient Experience Matters initiative is a voluntary effort to collect and publicly report patient experience survey data in Maine. The initiative is sponsored by the Dirigo Health Agency's [DHA] Maine Quality Forum in collaboration with Maine Quality Counts and the Main Health Management Coalition. Metrix Matrix is a DHA designated vendor authorized to administer the patient experience survey to patients served by primary and specialty practices in Maine under this initiative.

Why measure patient experience?

  • Improve Quality – patients with positive experiences with their healthcare providers are more likely to seek preventive care and follow instructions for better managing their health. By measuring patient experience, providers can identify areas for improvement.
  • Strong Business Value – public and private payers are increasingly tying financial incentives to patient experience as part of the value-based purchasing. Patient experience correlates with the risk of medical malpractice – the better the experience the lower the likelihood of a lawsuit. Better experience also leads to patient loyalty.

Why Use Metrix Matrix?

  • Designated Vendor - As both a DHA Designated Vendor and a NCQA Certified Vendor for CAHPS PCMH surveys, Metrix Matrix has the proven and demonstrated experience, knowledge, and resources necessary to make your practice or network's participation simple, straight forward, and burden free.
  • Experience - With extensive expertise and knowledge in survey design, administration, implementation and in-depth reporting, Metrix Matrix staff has extensive experience delivering in-depth, actionable research findings for healthcare providers, government agencies,  and other private organizations.

How do we get Started?

  • Request a quote.
  • We will provide you a simple form to complete, in order for us to produce a proposal for you with an accurate price quote.
  • We will send you the forms and documentation necessary to participate in the program.

For more information or to contract with Metrix Matrix to perform your DHA surveys, contact Rob Dana at 888-865-0065, ext 405 or at