Medical Practice and Group Non-Patient Stakeholder Studies


The Non-Patient Medical Stakeholder Survey was created for the purpose of identifying and tracking attitudes, perceptions, awareness, concerns and goals of medical stakeholders who have a direct influence on patient experience within their respective medical group(s) and/or practice(s).

The survey instrument used is proprietary to Metrix Matrix and includes question groupings that ask about overall (stakeholder) satisfaction, teamwork & cooperation, patient care, teamwork & trust, resources, professional experience, change, work & life balance and the average work week.

In the past, these studies have been conducted among a variety of stakeholders, including physicians, mid-levels, practice managers and other medical staff.

A popular Medical Practice and Group Stakeholder Study is conducted among stakeholders who were are involved in the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) transition and implementation. Two of the key findings from this study include:

  • Full-time physicians are the least likely of all members of a primary care medical practice to recommend primary care as a career. (Part-time physicians were most likely.)
  • Stakeholders from practices with mid-levels (PA/NP) were far more likely to be satisfied with their practice.

These are just a few of the troublesome and encouraging results uncovered in this groundbreaking original study.

Without this 360° view of your practice, your Medical Home may simply be an exercise in compliance and certification.

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