Metrix Matrix applies time tested methodologies and best practices to deliver top-quality results and help clients keep their programs on target. We begin every study by working closely with the client to understand the scope, purpose, and context of the program to be examined. We then detail an evaluation design that employs sound methods of data collection and analysis.

Proof of excellence can be found in our long and consistent history of on-time, in-budget performance, and well-received evaluation products. Drawing on decades of experience, Metrix Matrix research and evaluation experts blend scientific rigor with practicality. Our core research and evaluation services include:

  •     Survey research
  •     Performance measurement
  •     Program evaluation
  •     Key driver analysis
  •     Program effectiveness

Metrix Matrix offers a full suite of innovative and flexible methodologies and has particular expertise in applying these methods creatively to match the specific need and audience. We help clients develop measurable indicators, rigorous information collection, insightful performance analysis, and program effectiveness to drive informed decisions.

Metrix Matrix designs and implements a broad range of quantitative and qualitative research and evaluation projects. We help our clients identify which programs and practices yield the best return on investment.