Business to business

Measuring, monitoring and continuously improving the B2B customer experience has increasingly become the focus of many businesses, large and small.  These metrics are imperative to the long term success of any B2B business as most of these relationships take years to establish but only one bad experience to destroy. 

Whether you are trying to better understand your clients' needs or narrowing down the key drivers to client satisfaction within a sub-segment of your customer base, Metrix Matrix has the depth and breadth of experience to help. The New Knowledge which Metrix Matrix can provide helps B2B businesses of all sizes measure and improve their delivery of service and enhance the experience of all customers.

Metrix Matrix services and research in the B2B sector include:

  • Customer/Client Satisfaction Surveys

  • Post-Transaction Surveys

  • New Client Surveys

  • Attrition Surveys

  • Focus Group Studies

  • Executive Interviews

For more information about our survey and research capabilities, please contact Donna Ford at 888-865-0065, ext 106 or at